Top 6 Flutter Menu Libraries for 2020

Flutter Circular Menu

A simple customizable animated circular menu for Flutter.
A simple animated circular menu for Flutter, Adjustable radius, colors, alignment, animation curve and animation duration.

"Flutter Circular Menu"

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Flutter Boom Menu

Flutter plugin to implement a Boom Menu, with icons, title, subtitle, animated FAB Icons and hide on scrolling.
The BoomMenu widget is built to be placed in the Scaffold.floatingActionButton argument, replacing the FloatingActionButton widget. It’s not possible to set its position with the Scaffold.floatingActionButtonLocation argument, but it’s possible to set right/bottom margin with the marginRight and marginBottom arguments (default to 16) to place the button anywhere in the screen. Using the Scaffold.bottomNavigationBar the floating button will be always placed above the bar, so the BottomAppBar.hasNotch should be always false.

"Flutter Boom Menu"

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Flutter Overlay Container

A flutter widget which renders its child outside the original widget hierarchy.
The child passed to this widget is rendered outside the widget hierarchy as an overlay to the exisiting widget tree. As a result this widget is highly suitable for building custom dropdown options, autocomplete suggestions, dialogs, etc. Think of it as widget placed absolutely and having a positive z-index over the rest of the widget tree. It is actually a friendly wrapper over the Flutter’s Overlay and OverlayEntry APIs.

"Flutter Overlay Container"

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Hidden Drawer Menu

Hidden Drawer Menu is a library for adding a beautiful drawer mode menu feature with perspective animation.

You can use a pre-defined menu or make a fully customized menu.

"Hidden Drawer Menu"

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Popup Menu

A flutter popup menu. Pub enabled. This project was writed with pure dart code,which means it’s support both iOS and Android.

"Popup Menu"

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Flutter Inner Drawer

Inner Drawer is an easy way to create an internal side section (left/right) where you can insert a list menu or other.

"Flutter Inner Drawer"

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Top 6 Flutter Menu Libraries for 2020
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