Pandas is a fast, powerful, flexible and easy to use open source data analysis and manipulation tool,

In this video shows you how to program Python Pandas in a video

Table of Content:

00:00:00​ Intro
00:06:14​ Setup
00:10:07​ Series
00:15:50​ Declaring DataFrames
00:20:25​ Reading and Writing from/to DataFrames
00:23:48​ Multidimensional Hierarchical Indexing
00:29:25​ Boolean Operations on DataFrames
00:33:12​ Aggregate Functions
00:43:17​ Concatenating DataFrames
00:46:22​ Merging DataFrames
00:48:59​ Extracting unique values
00:52:09​ Applying Functions to DataFrames
00:55:00​ Removing Rows/Columns from DataFrames
00:57:45​ Data IO
00:58:22​ CSV IO
01:00:24​ EXCEL IO
01:02:00​ HTML IO
01:04:53​ Visualization and Plotting
01:06:26​ 2D Plotting
01:12:11​ Histogram Plotting
01:15:36​ Boxplots
01:16:44​ Areaplots



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Pandas Python Programming in one Video
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