There are various applications of Image processing in computer vision.

Image processing involves manipulating digital images in order to extract additional information. We have seen a lot of evolutions in Computer hardware in the past decade resulting in faster processors and GPUs. That enabled us to solve new and emerging problems using Image processing.

Its applications range from medicine to entertainment, passing by geological processing and remote sensing. Multimedia systems, one of the pillars of the modern information society, rely heavily on digital image processing.

In this article, we will try to solve a simpler problem using Image processing.

Problem Statement

We will try to solve a classical classification problem. Let’s assume we are dealing with the garment industry. After each production unit, we need to validate if the units are ready to sell, which in turn involves identifying any defects in the produced clothes.

Let’s try to identify two types of defects in clothes:

  1. Torn clothes
  2. Dirty clothes

After each production, the idea is to pass the images of the produced clothes to a system which will categorize if it contains one of the mentioned defects.

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Image Processing using OpenCV, CNN, and Keras backed by Tensor Flow
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