Tailwind CSS Boilerplate for Create React App in TypeScript


A streamlined Tailwind CSS v3.x template for Create React App in TypeScript.


npx create-react-app my-app --template tailwindcss-typescript

Note to self

This is for myself or others trying to create from source code.

Prepare the husky, pre-github hook

npm run prepare

Install git-cz globally

pnpm i -g git-cz
# or
npm i -g git-cz

Create a new create-react-app project from my source code

npx create-react-app tw3 --template file:/home/dance2die/src/github/dance2die/cra-template-tailwindcss-typescript

If you didn't run npm run prepare from the source code, you will get an error like this,

sh: husky: command not found
npm ERR! code 127
npm ERR! path /Users/X/Desktop/Workspace/project
npm ERR! command failed
npm ERR! command sh -c husky install


This project was made possible thanks to the following projects.

  1. GeoffSelby/cra-template-tailwindcss - A streamlined Tailwind CSS template for Create React App (in JavaScript).
  2. cra-template-typescript - An official TypeScript template for create-react-app.

Download details:

Author: dance2die
Source: https://github.com/dance2die/cra-template-tailwindcss-typescript

License: MIT license

#typescript #tailwindcss #react 

Tailwind CSS Boilerplate for Create React App in TypeScript
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