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Angular has allowed the software engineers to build great performing and highly scalable applications. The foundation of Angular was laid down with typescript in 2013 by the engineers working at Google. You can use angular to create some compelling applications.

It is brim filled with things and features that come in real handy when trying to create something profitable and powerful. Moreover, one added benefit of using Angular is that it allows programmers and developers to automate most of the boring stuff at the same time it also helps to improve the quality of the end product which the developers, coder, or programmer (whichever one you are) present their end-user with.

You also can ensure that whatever you have developed for one screen size would automatically work with any screen size. Meaning you will not have to write additional code to ensure that your code runs seamlessly on all the screen sizes. You have to optimize it once, and the rest Angular will take care of.

Angular is one of the top in-demand tech skills for any professional to have in these times, mostly if you have decided to work as a full-stack software developer. No matter if you are starting out in the world of Angular or you have a lot of experience, making a project is a great way to work on your skillset and bolster your resume.

This is what we had in mind, and to help you get on with Angular as soon as possible, we went ahead and created this list of top angular projects in Github. We choose GitHub projects because all of them are open-source, meaning you can quickly reproduce the same code without having to pay any money to anyone.

You also get access to the entire source code, meaning if you have to see how they implement a particular thing, you can do that. However, the best part has to be that with GitHub, you have the opportunity to contribute to opensource. Meaning you can get a feel as to what it is like to code for a huge organization and how it feels when the entire community comes together to solve a particular problem.

There are also many perks for contributing to the open source, all of which you might be able to avail of by solving the issues on any repo that we are about to feature in this list.

But before we go on and list out the best angular projects in GitHub that we were able to find, you have to know that this list is in no particular order. Meaning, we have not sorted the project on any basis.

So, without any further ado, let us jump into the best angular projects in GitHub that we were able to find:

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Top Interesting Angular Projects in Github [For Beginners & Experienced in 2021]
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