The Johns Hopkins SAIS MA in Global Risk (online) program prepares graduates to enact change, shape organizational policies, and address some of the world’s most complex problems — ranging from issues like minimizing risk in a global supply chain to guiding response strategies during pandemics and other natural disasters.

Enroll in the program to gain experience analyzing and addressing real-world scenarios, and the knowledge to fine-tune your analyses with insights from economics, history and political science.

Upon graduation, you will also join a highly active, international community of more than 230,000 Johns Hopkins alumni.

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Curriculum Overview

In addition to statistical modeling, risk analysis and research methods, the program is designed to strengthen the following knowledge areas:

  • Global economics and international trade
  • Approaches and frameworks for understanding risk
  • Adapting risk management strategies in dynamic environments
  • Primary risk management challenges and opportunities in different areas of the world


Capitalize on Your Analytics Skills With the Johns Hopkins SAIS MA in Global Risk (Online)
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