Learn how to use R Markdown to integrate Python and Bash commands with Latex Doc generation

R Markdown is a powerful tool that lets you generate rich PDF using TeX engine. In R Markdown you can integrate prose and your analysis along with code, its outputs, and graphics. However, the use of R Markdown is not limited to the R language itself but a variety of other languages can be integrated.

When it comes to writing your code along with explanations and descriptions, R Markdown is very similar to Jupyter Notebook, but there are several things that R Markdown can do that Jupyter Notebook lacks. For example, with Jupyter Notebook, it is not straightforward to include a custom LaTeX package. With R Markdown, I found out that it is very easy to include a custom LaTeX page. It also lets you generate a PDF file if you have a LaTeX engine installed in your system, with code, its output, and graphics generated in the same PDF/HTML report.

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Powerful R Markdown for Python Users
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