React Components for VMware Clarity UI and Clarity Design

Clarity React Binding

This project an unofficial implementation of VMware Clarity Design in React. It leverages CSS, icons and images from the Clarity project.

Usage in React projects

To use the project simply add the dependencies with yarn, npm, etc:

$ yarn add @dell/clarity-react

Import styles and globals from peer dependencies:


import "@webcomponents/custom-elements/custom-elements.min.js";
import "@clr/icons/clr-icons.min.css";
import "@clr/icons/clr-icons-lite.min.js";
import "@clr/ui/clr-ui.min.css"
import "@clr/icons/shapes/technology-shapes.js";


And make use of the components in your app:


import React, {Component} from 'react';
import MainContainer from "@dell/clarity-react/layout/main-container/MainContainer";

const initialState = {

type MainPageProps = {
    token?: string
    level?: string
    message?: string

export type MainPageState = Readonly<typeof initialState>;

export default class MainPage extends Component<MainPageProps> {
    readonly state: MainPageState = initialState;

    render() {


This project includes Storybook as a component browser. To fire up storybook, download the project in Git:

$ git clone

Install the dependencies with yarn, npm, etc.

$ cd clarity-react

# Using yarn
$ yarn

# Using NPM
$ npm install

Any run the “storybook” script:

# Using yarn
$ yarn run storybook

# Using NPM
$ npm run storybook

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Author: EMCECS

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React Components for VMware Clarity UI and Clarity Design
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