From using minikube for a local development environment setup to launching your own blog applicationSome time ago I did an online course on Udemy called “ Microservices Software Architecture: Patterns and Techniques”. In this course, the instructor greatly describes the main challenges that come with microservice architecture and possible solutions. While going through the lessons about Service Registration, Service Discovery, Failover Mechanism, and Health API, I thought, “Thank, God, we have Kubernetes that gives us most of those solutions out of the box, so that we can focus on implementing our business logic.”

Even though you get much from Kubernetes, there are some aspects of a microservice architecture that you need to address in any case yourself. One of the most important ones being Data and Communication, which addresses the following questions:

How do you store your data?

How do services exchange this data?

In this article, I will show you how you can set up a local Kubernetes cluster using minikube. By implementing a very basic example I am going to describe how to deal with data and communication in a microservice architecture.

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Dealing With Data and Communication in Kubernetes
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