ES2018 aka ES9 is the version of ECMAScript corresponding to the year 2018. This version does not include as many new features as those that appeared in ES6 (2015). However, some useful features have been incorporated.

This article introduces the features provided by ES2018 in easy code examples. In this way, you can quickly understand the new features without the need for a complex explanation.

Of course, it is necessary to have a basic knowledge of JavaScript to fully understand the best ones introduced.

The new #JavaScript features in ES2018 are:

➡️ Lifting template literal restriction.

➡️ s (dotAll) flag for regular expressions.

➡️ RegExp named capture groups.

➡️ Rest/Spread Properties.

➡️ RegExp Lookbehind Assertions.

➡️ RegExp Unicode Property Escapes.

➡️ Promise.prototype.finally.

➡️ Asynchronous Iteration.


JavaScript ES2018 Features With Simple Examples
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