With coming fast tech industry changes and robotic innovations, Data Science is one of the great niches to start learning. If you are passionate about data and how to use it, this article will help you to understand how to learn a Data Science specialty to transform your interest into a high-paid profession.

Degree or Certificate for Data Science Newbie

You might think that it is time to get a tech degree or certificate as your first step. In reality, you don`t need this. Why? Your knowledge and what you can do will be a major factor in your interview, not education.

Yes, for sure it is good to have a tech degree or certificate, but this won`t help you to land your job only because you have a diploma. So think about certificate/degree as an optional item. It is good to have, but definitely not the first thing you need to start your Data Scientist path from.

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How to Learn Data Science and Start Your Amazing Journey
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