Reverse proxies can help simplify how clients access your backend services. YARP (Yet Another Reverse Proxy) is designed as a library that provides the core proxy functionality which you can customize to fit your application’s specific needs.

In this episode, Jeremy chats with Chris Ross and Sam Spencer about why they decided to start working on YARP. They show us some demos of various YARP features like live reloading, authorization policies and more.

[01:13] - What is the goal of YARP?
[02:04] - What’s the difference between a load balance vs reverse proxy?
[05:04] - Setting up YARP in an ASP.NET Core application
[06:39] - Reviewing the route configuration
[11:25] - Supporting TLS termination
[13:23] - Live reload for configuration
[14:33] - Dynamically updating configuration
[17:04] - Service Mesh?
[18:58] - Using ASP.NET Core authorization policies
[20:31] - Getting started with Yarp

Getting started with Yarp

Yarp on Github

ASP.NETCore Middleware

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YARP: The .NET Reverse proxy
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