WP Themes with Webpack Boilerplate

Boilerplate for building WordPress themes using modern technology.

There is a branch without Docker - no-docker.


  • Modern technology: ES6+ (Babel), Sass
  • Docker: All you need inside a Docker container
  • Webpack: Project bundling with Webpack
  • Imagemin: Image minifying with Imagemin
  • Manifest: Hashes in file names to prevent caching of old resources
  • EditorConfig и Prettier: Code formatting on commit

Project Structure

Theme files are in the public directory.
All development takes place in the src directory.

  • fonts
  • img
  • js
  • scss

Build configuration is in the config object in the file webpack.config.js.

Installation and Usage

npm install

To make the pre-commit hook work, you need to run npm install when the project is already initialized as a Git repository.

If the project is initialized as a repository later, you need to additionally execute npm run prepare.


npm run docker:start
npm start

npm run docker:stop


npm run build

Download Details:

Author: likesunny-yon

Official Github: https://github.com/likesunny-yon/wordpress-webpack 

License: MIT


WP Themes with Webpack Boilerplate
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