Ardan Labs (a leader in building Go enterprise software) is excited to announce that we have partnered with Light Code Labs and Matt Holt to bring Caddy into the Ardan Labs family of products and services. Caddy is a lightweight ingress service written in Go that provides automated security features and a plugin environment for extensibility. With the service being free open source (FOSS), small and large Go engineering teams finally have the ability to own and maintain their ingress and load balancing software with ease. We believe the Caddy project is as important as Docker and Kubernetes in maintaining a solid and scalable production environment.

This partnership is facilitating three important aspects of the product. First, it allows Matt, the author of Caddy, to focus on the engineering so the product can continue to evolve and grow. Second, it allows Ardan Labs to place other resources on the product to help maintain the code base for companies currently using Caddy in production today. Third, it provides companies the security that a respected software company in the Go ecosystem is putting time, money and talent behind the product.

Open source is an important aspect of the project and it will stay that way. The service code for Caddy will remain as FOSS and so will common plugins that are useful outside of enterprise environments. Ardan Labs will develop enterprise plugins that will be available for purchase, plus support and training contracts for teams which want to make the most out of the software. With the service being FOSS, companies are free to build the plugin support they need at no cost. It’s important that the Caddy service we run at Ardan Labs is the same service every company and individuals can run. We hope the Go community will contribute together to this project so that everyone can benefit.

We are very excited about this partnership. For the remainder of the year, we will be working towards making Caddy an option in every cloud and orchestration environment. We will be working with the community to grow and support the code for private data centers and cloud environments. We will be focused on targeted releases of functionality that will allow Caddy to be your ingress service. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at

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Caddy Partnership With Light Code Labs
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