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The emergence of the city-state to the world also created the need for political entities that established rules and regulations for the civilization in question tracing back to the Indus Valley civilization and hunter-gatherers in the pre-historic era. Political systems as a whole have changed with time from self-governance, monarchies to the different systems that exist around the world today. In this paper, we will discuss the importance of a governing body on society and its citizens as a whole, why it is necessary, and what benefits does it provide in the long run. 

A government is not only present as a political system, but any authority in charge of making rules and imposing them can be called a government. The necessity for government rose when wars and battles over land and property started to take place frequently, making the protection of people a priority. Safety and security are an integral part of governance as the rules implemented can be followed by legal action providing a framework and precedent for the citizens. Many governments exercise control over markets and other elements of public service such as law enforcement, the courts, and diplomatic assistance. 

The governing authority is in charge of providing rules and regulations which can promote social order and way of life without which anarchy would ensue. The government is also important for providing economic prosperity through employment opportunities for the population; in the case of emergencies, they create policies that not only help people but also create economic prosperity (Benach). Public health is also an issue that is controlled by the government as private hospitals can be very costly for most people. An effective government can provide a high standard of living as well as life satisfaction as indicated by indexes such as the World Bank government effectiveness index, which provides data by measuring the quality of public services and the governing authorities' effectiveness in implementing them (Guisan). 

The government is incredibly important for the social order. Without a governing authority, there would be anarchy, chaos, and basic necessities such as safety and health would be hard to achieve. 

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Why Is Government Important? - Domypaper4me
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