1.What are the main features of Java?
2.What are the fundamental principles of object oriented programming? / What are the OOPS concepts?
3.What do you mean by inheritance in java?
4.What is constructor overloading? What is the use of constructor overloading?
5.What is polymorphism in java?
6.What is the method overloading in java?
7.What is the method overriding?
8.Does java supports multiple inheritance?
9.What is the difference between constructor and method?.
10.Can we overload the main() method?
11.How the exceptions are handled in java? OR Explain try, catch and finally blocks in java?
12.What are PATH and CLASSPATH?
13.What is multithreaded programming? / What is multi-threading?
14.What are the differences between static and non-static methods?
15.What are the differences between method overloading and method overriding?
16.What are the different ways of creating threads in java?
17.What is synchronization in java?
18.What is the use of final keyword in java?
19.What is static binding and dynamic binding in java?
20.What is garbage collection in java?
21.What is cloning in java?
22.What are checked and unchecked exceptions in java?
23.What is Java?
24.What are Loops in Java? What are three types of loops?
25.What is the difference between double and float variables in Java?
26.Can main() method in Java can return any data?
27.What’s the difference between an array and Vector?
28.What is meant by Abstract class?
29.How to swap two numbers without using a third variable?
30.Write a java code to add two numbers.

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