This tutorial is focused on angular 10 crud application example. it’s simple example of angular 10 crud operations with web api. you will learn angular 10 crud app. if you want to see example of step by step crud operation in angular 10 then you are a right place.

As we know, currently angular 10 version is released a few months ago. angular 10 provide more feature and improvements. so if you are new or you want to learn crud app in angular then this post will help you to build crud operation in angular 10.

Now, i don’t want to confuse here, i will go strait step by step. you need to just follow few step to build crud app in angular 10 application. After completed all steps, you can see layout like as bellow preview.

In this example we will create post crud module with list, view, insert, update and delete post. we will use web service api of jsonplaceholder. so we can easily use their created api. jsonplaceholder provide all apis that we require like list, view, create, delete and update.

Home Page:

Create Page:

Edit Page:

Detail Page:

Now, let’s follow bellow step to creating crud app with angular 10.

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Angular 10 CRUD Application Tutorial
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