Although nothing really changes but the date, a new year fills everyone with the hope of starting things afresh. If you add in a bit of planning, some well-envisioned goals, and a learning roadmap, you’ll have a great recipe for a year full of growth.

This post intends to strengthen your plan by providing you with a learning framework, resources, and project ideas to help you build a solid portfolio of work showcasing expertise in data science.

Just a note: I’ve prepared this roadmap based on my personal experience in data science. This is not the be-all and end-all learning plan. You can adapt this roadmap to better suit any specific domain or field of study that interests you. Also, this was created with Python in mind as I personally prefer it.

What is a learning roadmap?

A learning roadmap is an extension of a curriculum. It charts out a multi-level skills map with details about what skills you want to hone, how you will measure the outcome at each level, and techniques to further master each skill.

My roadmap assigns weights to each level based on the complexity and commonality of its application in the real-world. I have also added an estimated time for a beginner to complete each level with exercises and projects.

Here is a pyramid that depicts the high-level skills in order of their complexity and application in the industry.

Data science tasks in the order of complexity

This will mark the base of our framework. We’ll now have to deep dive into each of these strata to complete our framework with more specific, measurable details.

Specificity comes from examining the critical topics in each layer and the resources needed to master those topics.

We’d be able to measure the knowledge gained by applying the learned topics to a number of real-world projects. I’ve added a few project ideas, portals, and platforms that you can use to measure your proficiency.

Important NOTE: Take it one day at a time, one video/blog/chapter a day. It is a wide spectrum to cover. Don’t overwhelm yourself!

Let’s deep dive into each of these strata, starting from the bottom.

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Data Science Learning Roadmap for 2021
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