It is said that programming isn’t about what you know but about what you can figure out. In their zeal to explore the world of programming and learn everything there is to know of the art, programmers often tend to forget that being able to visualise solutions to problems is what makes you a great developer.

With the technological landscape constantly undergoing changes, problem-solving remains the one skill that allows you to navigate through advancements and, in the process, evolve.

One way to strengthen your core as a programmer and build problem-solving skills is to start with C, often known as the mother of all programming languages. Even after 50 years since its introduction, C enjoys widespread application in almost every industry and is touted as the most suitable language for beginners. This really begs the question: what is C and why is it still so popular?

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Top 7 Exciting C Projects on GitHub for Programmers [2021]
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