The Dark Web/Darknet continues to be an environment for bad actors to share stolen credentials and discuss successful attacks. In fact, in recent weeks, personal information from places ranging from education organizations to voter databases in the U.S. have been found exposed. Although there have been big takedowns of cybercrime groups online, cybercriminals evolve to avoid detection.

But just as there’s a lot of bad on the Dark Web, there is also good – mostly in the form of intel that can be used to help protect organizations from attacks. Because they are so focused on doing what’s right, researchers often overlook additional rich sources of cyber-threat intelligence that attackers essentially hand out as they interact online. In other words: To defend as a good guy, you have to think like a bad guy. Getting into an attacker’s head provides clues as to how and why they operate.

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Digging into the Dark Web: How Security Researchers Learn to Think Like the Bad Guys
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