Now available as a public beta, Fathym is a low-code framework that aims to enable the creation of Azure-based data-driven applications. Fathym also provides support for application orchestration and automated infrastructure management.

Using Fathym, developers can rapidly set up their cloud infrastructure through a simplified interface and applying established best practices. They can then deploy their applications by configuring cloud resources and data flows, the company says, with little or no code at all.

Fathym automates the setup of a best practice cloud infrastructure environment for data applications, hosted on Microsoft Azure, in just 15 minutes. Fathym offers no-code configuration of cloud resources to provision end-to-end data flow and Internet of Things environments.

Fathym provides a drag and drop interface enabling the configuration of end-to-end data flows connecting a variety of input sources to cloud, warn, and hot storage, and output.

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Fathym Low-Code Platform Now Available in Public Beta
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