I would like to share my experience in building Software as a Service (SaaS) projects with a fullstack Javascript approach. I explain the common parts that exists in most SaaS products by taking Dropbox as an example. The main consideration is whether to build these common parts yourself or building from a boilerplate to spend more time on building the parts that are unique to your SaaS product. The common parts identified are a Landing Page, User and Account Management, Email and Payment services. After that we take a look into Bedrock. A full stack JS boilerplate built by Max Stoiber who also is the creator of Styled Components and React-Boilerplate. Bedrock uses my current favourite tech stack which consists of Prisma and GraphQL on Node.js and React on Next.js. Typescript in both frontend and backend.

Bedrock links:
Bedrock demo by Max:
Bedrock landing page:

Tech stack links:
GraphQL Codegen:

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0:00 Intro
0:23 Identifying the SaaS infrastructure parts
1:55 Common vs Unique parts
3:03 Bedrock origins
3:18 Bedrock Tech Stack
4:48 Conclusion
5:40 Outro

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