HI, everyone I am glad to be back with another topic, this time i will be covering Headless CMS with flutter.

So, What is Headless CMS, or rather lets start from what is CMS itself.

CMS stands for Content Management System. It helps by controlling what content to be shown to user, content mostly is managed by people who don’t have much knowledge about the code, so for them it might look like just a basic form where they put in data, the data get stored in Database and then our app extracts that data from Database and displays to user. It is useful because all the content can be managed separately and would not need to be coded in manually, so that even for a smallest change you won’t have to waste time to search where you put in that particular string and then change it.

Now, coming to Headless CMS

The “Headless” is the new approach towards CMS whereas in the traditional CMS it was mostly coupled with a web page but, this new approach helps to widen that horizon and makes it so that content can be displayed on any device of users choice.

The devices are called “Heads” and since there are many devices so that means there is not a single fixed head.

This approach is better and an overall improvement over traditional CMS.

The way it works is that it provides us an API for all of our data and if we like we can use that directly in our project to show changes to user, Hence why this approach is better than traditional CMS

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Headless CMS in Flutter
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