If you don’t have any definite preferences in design, you should try dark colors, because dark themes look so stylish and become more and more popular. That is why we decided to find the most amazing React, Angular and Vue admin templates with dark themes.

If you ever googled admin templates then you probably know that there are tons of them and that is fine to be on the fence about which one to choose. If you are not sure whether to use admin dashboards templates or not you can read the article about the benefits of admin templates. The incorrect choice of an admin template may lead to a giant waste of time and money – so it’s the decision you should think about for a while.

The history of dark themes is full of misunderstandings and data inaccuracies. Some people might say that the first OS with a dark mode was Apple’s System in 1991. But we all can agree that the origins of the dark mode probably can be found in coding. Developers use dark themes since the dawn of time.

If you like dark designs like we do our team here to share the best admin dashboard templates 2019 with dark themes!

Light Blue Admin Dashboard

Light blue template is one of the most stylish and modern templates on the Internet. The design concept was developed by a professional UI expert. It’s built with transparent blocks and has a deep background. The designer picked colors that match the dashboard transparency style perfectly, every detail is in its place and the dashboard looks complete. It has a huge amount of ready-to-use UI components in the same style: widgets, buttons, calendars, charts, etc. The whole template resembles a well-structured, “made to order” dashboard which can meet all your business requirements, whether it’s SaaS, IoT or CRM, CMS systems.

Light Blue template is a premium dashboard, but you also can find a free version which has a familiar design but less amount of ready-to-use UI components. The cost of the premium template is $59,95.

The template has 4 different versions based on the framework used in development – so you can pick the one that fits you:

  • Light Blue React
  • Light Blue React Node.js
  • Light Blue Angular
  • Light Blue Vue

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Top 7 Dark-Themed Admin Templates For Your Next Project
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