Redux Tutorial Step By Step With Example From Scratch is the topic we will cover. I will teach you Redux step by step. Redux is quite an excellent State Managment Framework usually used with React.js library. In Single Page Application, data management at client side is far more complicated than just imagine. Now, you are familiar that, ReactJS is relying on the State of the application. However, In React.js state management is possible, but when the application gets bigger and bigger, unwanted errors and data changes are detected, and which module has changed which state and which view is updated, all these matters get complex, and we feel like, we trapped in our application. Facebook gives the solution. Its developer has created one State management pattern called Flux.


It complements React’s composable view components by utilizing the unidirectional data flow. When the users interact with views, the views propagates actions through a central dispatcher, to the various stores that hold the application data and logic, which updates all of our views that are affected.

Flux has so many stores, and each store is using different small part of the state or data of our application. In other words,** each different module has its store.**

Redux Tutorial 2017

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Redux Tutorial Step By Step With Example From Scratch
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