Twitter API client for React Native

React-Native-Simple-Twitter v3.0

Twitter API client for React Native without react-native link.
This package don’t use NativeModule, only pure javascript.
So don’t need to use react-native link and Expo can also easily use twitter API without auth0 and server.

You can use custom hooks from v3.0

import { useTwitter } from "react-native-simple-twitter";

function Login() {
  // if login, please set onSuccess
  const { twitter,TWModal } = useTwitter({
    onSuccess:(user,accessToken) => {

  const onLoginPress = async () => {
    try {
      await twitter.login();
    } catch(e) {

  useEffect(() => {


  return (
      <Text onPress={onLoginPress}>login</Text>
      <TWModal />

Checkout v3.x example.

Previous version -> v2.4.1


This package use WebView, but WebView from react-native is deprecated, so you download with react-native-webview.

$ npm install react-native-simple-twitter react-native-webview --save

if you want to use more twitter types, use abraham/twitter-d

$ npm install --save-dev twitter-d


demo gif

useTwitter API

import { useTwitter } from 'react-native-simple-twitter';

const { twitter, TWModal } = useTwitter({
  onSuccess:(user,accessToken) => void,
  onError?:(err) => void,


Name Description
onSuccess:(user,accessToken) => void return loggedin user object and access token
onError?:(err) => void if login failed, call this method


Name Description
twitter.login() Get login url and open TWModal
twitter.setConsumerKey(consumer_key,consumer_key_secret) set application key and secret
twitter.getAccessToken() get access_token and access_token_secret, when user logged in app
twitter.setAccessToken(access_token,access_token_secret) set user access_token and access_token_secret, when you already have access_token and access_token_secret
`twitter.api(“GET” “POST”
twitter.get(endpoint,parameters) alias of twitter.api. this method will be deprecated,parameters) alias of twitter.api. this method will be deprecated

Other API

  • decodeHTMLEntities
import { decodeHTMLEntities } from 'react-native-simple-twitter'

console.log(decodeHTMLEntities("&amp; &apos; &#x27; &#x2F; &#39; &#47; &lt; &gt; &nbsp; &quot;"))

Tweet is include htmlencoded characters.
So this function decode special characters.

  • getRelativeTime
import { getRelativeTime } from 'react-native-simple-twitter'

console.log(getRelativeTime(new Date(new Date().getTime() - 32390)))
console.log(getRelativeTime("Thu Apr 06 15:28:43 +0000 2017"))

Tweet created_at convert to relative time. ex) 1s 15m 23h

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Twitter API client for React Native
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