Camera image stream processing problem

Camera is a nice plugin to access hardware cameras, take some pictures and save them in a memory, while camera streaming is very heavy and quite efficient only on a medium quality level. It might be enough in some cases, but when resolution matters, streams can lag and slow down until app die. The reason is very simple: streams push huge amounts of data into each frame in the main thread. How to move those in a separate thread?

  • You need to register separate isolates, register plugins in those isolates and somehow handle a memory. I find it tricky.
  • Another solution is to write your own plugin with access to camera, handle camera streams in Android and iOS threads, and push some results on top. This is also not the easiest solution.

So I decided to work on third solution, easier and less time consuming.

#mobile-app-development #image-processing #ai #flutter #object-detection

Image Stream Processing in Flutter application by TFLite Neural Networks
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