Elixir + Novu: Power Up Notifications

An Elixir SDK for Novu.


Novu is available on hex.pm. Just add this line to your mix.exs file:

def deps do
    {:novu, "~> 0.3.0"}


Some parameters are configurable for use during the execution of requests, typically in config/config.exs. The following variables can be configured:

config :novu,
  api_key: "api_key",  # required: your api key
  domain: "domain",  # required: your domain
  wait_min: 1000,  # optional: the minimum time to retry a request is milliseconds (default: 1000)
  wait_max: 10_000,  # optional: the maximum time to retry a request is milliseconds (default: 10_000)
  max_retries: 3,  # optional: the amount of retries in case of responses 408/429/500/502/503/504 (default: 0)
  retry_log_level: :warning  # optional: the log level to emit retry logs at. Can be set to false do disable logging (default: :warning)


Documentation is generated using ex_doc and published to HexDocs on new releases. This is automatic, so our only ask is ensure public functions have proper documentation and examples provided.

Download Details:

Author: novuhq

Official Github: https://github.com/novuhq/novu-elixir 

License: MIT

#typescript #novu 

Elixir + Novu: Power Up Notifications
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