FoundationDB is like a database construction kit, which can be intimidating to new developers and those unfamiliar with database system design and internals. In this talk, Ryan will explain how to start from nothing but an empty key-value store and build anything you can dream up, all while retaining the safety and reliability you expect from FoundationDB.

The first example will focus on the components needed to build a database with a schema, non-blocking schema changes, secondary index construction, and a change data capture system for auditing and ETL.

The second example will show how to add strongly consistent object listing to an eventually consistent object storage system like Amazon S3, as well as adding the ability to append to existing objects, which Amazon S3 doesn’t offer.

You’ll leave with the ability to map your ideas into keys and values to build creative solutions.

#FoundationDB #Databases #webdev

How to start build anything with FoundationDB?
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