Splunk is a software platform widely used for monitoring, searching, analyzing and visualizing the machine-generated data in real time. It performs capturing, indexing, and correlating the real time data in a searchable container and produces graphs, alerts, dashboards and visualizations. Splunk provides easy to access data over the whole organization for easy diagnostics and solutions to various business problems.

Why we need Splunk?
Offers enhanced GUI and real-time visibility in a dashboard
It reduces troubleshooting and resolving time by offering instant results.
It is a best-suited tool for root cause analysis.
Splunk allows you to generate graphs, alerts, and dashboards.
You can easily search and investigate specific results using Splunk.
It allows you to troubleshoot any condition of failure for improved performance.
Helps you to monitor any business metrics and make an informed decision.
Splunk allows you to incorporate Artificial Intelligence into your data strategy.
Allows you to gather useful Operational Intelligence from your machine data
Summarizing and collecting valuable information from different logs
Splunk allows you to accept any data type like .csv, json, log formats, etc.
Offers most powerful search analysis, and visualization capabilities to empower users of all types.
Allows you to create a central repository for searching Splunk data from various sources.

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How will Splunk help in your career growth?
With the landscape of Big Data changing every other day, numerous technologies are coming into the limelight. However, a few of them have made a mark with their performance. Splunk is one of such booming technologies. Its growing demand and the suitability to candidates with diverse educational backgrounds make it an attractive field of opportunities. Hence, if you want to make a career in the domain of Data Analytics, learning Splunk will ensure your success.
Splunk is growing in many domains of technology and other industries such as Finance and Insurance, Information Technology, Retail, Trade, and many more. Many organizations worldwide use Splunk for their business needs, cybersecurity tasks, customer understanding, fraud prevention, service performance improvement, and overall cost reduction. Splunk is getting used worldwide in organizations like IBM, Salesforce, Facebook, HP, Adobe, etc.

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