Today we’re excited to introduce a tool we’ve been working on to help you upgrade your .NET Framework-based applications to .NET 5 called the .NET Upgrade Assistant. The .NET Upgrade Assistant is a .NET global command-line tool that gives you a guided experience for incrementally upgrading your applications. It brings an existing tool called try-convert together with step-by-step instructions and recommendations. This means you can instead focus your upgrading time on the more specific changes to your application and the application model rather than on the repetitive tasks across the projects in your solution.

Currently in preview, the .NET Upgrade Assistant determines which projects need to be upgraded and recommends the order they should be upgraded in. The tool automates more tasks in the upgrade process that you would normally do manually like upgrading to the new SDK-style project format, re-targeting them to .NET 5 and updating NuGet package dependencies. The tool also provides you with recommendations and fixes for project files, configuration, and source code. The difference between this tool and others is that you can see the recommendations every step of the way and you can choose what and how your code is upgraded.

The tool supports multiple project types. It’s ready to help you upgrade your ASP.NET MVC, Windows Forms, and WPF apps, in addition to console apps and libraries. We’ll add more project types in later previews.

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Introducing the .NET Upgrade Assistant Preview
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