Let’s look at the difference between these two annotations for configuring our Spring Boot application.

1. Introduction

In this quick tutorial, we’ll learn about the differences between @ComponentScan and @EnableAutoConfiguration annotations in the Spring Framework.

2. Spring Annotations

Annotations make it easier to configure the dependency injection in Spring. Instead of using XML configuration files, we can use Spring Bean annotations on classes and methods to define beans. After that, the Spring IoC container configures and manages the beans.

Here’s an overview of the annotations that we are going to discuss in this article:

  • @ComponentScan scans for annotated Spring components
  • @EnableAutoConfiguration is used to enable the auto-configuration

Let’s now look into the difference between these two annotations.

3. How They Differ

The main difference between these annotations is that @ComponentScan scans for Spring components while @EnableAutoConfiguration is used for auto-configuring beans present in the classpath in Spring Boot applications.

Now, let’s go through them in more detail.

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Difference Between @ComponentScan and @EnableAutoConfiguration in Spring Boot
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