Event Streaming is happening all over the world. This blog post explores real-life examples across industries for use cases and architectures leveraging Apache Kafka. Learn about architectures for real-world deployments from Audi, BMW, Disney, Generali, Paypal, Tesla, Unity, Walmart, William Hill, and more. Use cases include fraud detection, mainframe offloading, predictive maintenance, cybersecurity, edge computing, track&trace, live betting, and much more.

The following sections show a few of the use cases and architectures. Check out the slide deck and video recording at the end for all examples and the architectures from the companies mentioned above.

Use Cases for Event Streaming with Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka is an event streaming platform. It provides messaging, persistence, data integration, and data processing capabilities. High scalability for millions of messages per second, high availability including backward-compatibility and rolling upgrades for mission-critical workloads, and cloud-native features are some of the capabilities.

Event Streaming and Event Driven Architecture for a Smart City with Apache Kafka

Hence, the number of different use cases is almost endless. If you learn one thing from the examples in this blog post, then remember that Kafka is not just a messaging system! While data ingestion into a Hadoop data lake was the first prominent use case, this implies <5% of actual Kafka deployments. Business applications, streaming ETL middleware, real-time analytics, and edge/hybrid scenarios are some of the other examples:


Real World Examples and Use Cases for Apache Kafka
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