1.What is the command used to fetch first 5 characters of the string?
2.Which operator is used in query for pattern matching?
3.What are aggregate and scalar functions?
4.What is recursive stored procedure?
5.Advantages and Disadvantages of Stored Procedure?
6.What is a trigger?
7.What is a stored procedure?
8.Can we write a distributed query and get some data which is located on other server and on Oracle Database ?
9.If we drop a table, does it also drop related objects like constraints, indexes, columns, defaults, Views and Stored Procedures?
10.Can we add an identity column to decimal datatype?
11.What is the Difference between COALESCE() & ISNULL()?
12.How do you generate file output from SQL?
13.How important do you consider cursors or while loops for a transactional database?
14.What are user-defined data types and when you should go for them?
15.Write down the general syntax for a SELECT statements covering all the options.
16.What is OSQL utility ?
17.What Is the Difference Between OSQL And Query Analyzer?
18.What is Magic Tables in SQL Server?
19.Can we disable a triger?, if yes HOW?
20.How SQL Server executes a statement with nested subqueries?
21.Write a Query to display student details along with the row_no order by student name?
22.Write a Query to display even records from the table?
23.Write a Query to display odd records from student table?
24.Write a Query to display no.of males in each department?
25.Write a Query to display employee details who is working in ECE department & who his having more than 3 years of exp?
26.What is collation?
27.What are all different types of collation sensitivity?

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