Electron React (Typescript) with RxDB, Realm & SQLite

Electron React (Typescript) with RxDB, Realm & SQLite

Demo of Native Databases with Electron and ReactJS. Realm, SQLite and RxDB ( with LevelDB/IndexedDB/InMemory adapters)

Getting Started

Simply fork/clone this repository, install dependencies, and try yarn dev.

# clone thee repo
mkdir electron-react-dbs && cd electron-react-dbs
git clone https://github.com/vazra/electron-react-ts-rxdb-realm-sqlite.git
cd electron-react-dbs

# install dependencies

# run in dev mode
yarn dev

You will be able to tryout all the databases available.

The use of the yarn package manager is strongly recommended, as opposed to using npm.


  1. Can I use this as a boilerplate for my electron-react app with native databases

    Ans. Yes, you can. this project itself is bootstrapped with electron-react boilerplate You can either take it as the base project or fork this repo and remove unwanted db codes. The code is structured in such a way that any db code can be removed without much effort.

For any bugs or requests create issues here

Pull requests are also invited. šŸš€

Download Details:

Author: vazra

Source Code: https://github.com/vazra/electron-react-ts-rxdb-realm-sqlite

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Electron React (Typescript) with RxDB, Realm & SQLite
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