Tron DApp Development Services are used widely by startups and enterprises across several industries like fintech, supply chain management, healthcare, gaming, real estate, education, and e-commerce. DApps function in the form of a secure peer-to-peer network. The different technologies and tools used are Kotlin, MySQL, Node.js, and Flutter.

**The three main layers of Tron DApps are **

Storage layer - It is used to manage the wallet blocks and GRPC (Open source remote procedure). The storage layer functions based on pre-defined storage protocols.

Application layer - It handles the design as well as the development phases of the decentralized apps.

Core layer - It offers API integration for smart contracts and digital wallets.

The step by step process followed to deploy the DApp on the Tron network

Smart contracts are created to handle all the business operations related to the DApp.
Tronlink available as a Chrome extension helps to simplify access to the Tron blockchain network and to deploy the smart contracts.
The smart contracts will be deployed either on the manner or the test net.
The self-executing smart contracts and Tronlink work together to start the functioning of the DApp.

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