Learn ReactJS with TypeScript for Beginners | To-Do App Tutorial with ReactJS + TypeScript

Learn how to use React with TypeScript and we'll learn it by creating a basic to-do app with React and TypeScript. This tutorial is beginners friendly, so if you don't have any prior knowledge of typescript then also you can learn TypeScript from this tutorial, you just need some basic understanding of Reactjs.

► Timestamps

0:00 Introduction
2:39 Create the Project & Do Initial Setup
4:50 Understanding TypeScript by creating components & passing props
18:00 useState with TypeScript / Adding Tasks in an array
23:43 Delete Tasks
27:55 Create Form & Handle Form Submission with TypeScript
36:00 Displaying Info & Warning / Understanding Union & Literal Types

GitHub Repository URL https://github.com/itzpradip/react-ts-simple-todo-2024 

#react #reactjs #typescript 

Creating a Basic Todo App with React and TypeScript
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