Parse different types of simple and complex JSON structures using built-in dart:convert library in Flutter

I have to admit, I was missing the gson world of Android after working with JSON in Flutter/Dart. When I started working with APIs in Flutter, JSON parsing really had me struggle a lot. And I’m certain, it confuses a lot of you beginners.

We will be using the built in dart:convert library for this blog. This is the most basic parsing method and it is only recommended if you are starting with Flutter or you’re building a small project. Nevertheless, knowing the basics of JSON parsing in Flutter is pretty important. When you’re good at this, or if you need to work with a larger project, consider code generator libraries like json_serializable, etc. If possible, I will discover them in the future articles.

Fork this sample project. It has all the code for this blog that you can experiment with.

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How to Parse complex JSON in Flutter/Dart
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