Mconnect Fast Cart Checkout Extension for Magento 2

Free shipping is the reason why shoppers love to shop online. One study suggests that 9 out of 10 online shoppers shop only because of the free shipping provided by the eCommerce store owner. One of the benefits of implementing free shipping is an increase in the order value. The more the order value, the more the revenue your store may generate. Therefore, eCommerce stores like Magento should not ignore the importance of free shipping. You can set a threshold value for customers to reach to be eligible for free shipping. 

Mconnects Fast Cart Checkout Extension for Magento 2 helps to encourage customers to reach the threshold value by showing them a shipping bar with the mini cart. The extension has a feature that displays the mini cart on the right of the store. And on top of that mini cart, an elegant shipping bar will be placed which shows how much amount remaining to be eligible for free shipping. This mini cart and free shipping bar will appear on all the pages of the store guiding the customers to avail the free shipping by gently reminding and motivating them to buy more. The admin of the store can configure the shipping bar’s image, color, and message to give a personalized shopping experience to your customers. With the help of AJAX functions, the extension can automatically calculate the remaining threshold amount needed to be eligible for free shipping without refreshing the page. 

Features of Product Attachment Extension for Magento 2 by Mconnect:

  • The extension allows you to set a threshold amount to claim free shipping. 
  • The extension will show the mini cart and shipping bar on all the pages. 
  • The shipping bar will show the remaining amount needed to claim the free shipping.
  • The AJAX functionality automatically calculates the amount if the product is added or removed from the cart. 
  • Personalize the shipping bar with color, image, and message.
  • You can set the title, empty cart image, and loader for the mini cart.
  • A success message will appear once the threshold amount is reached.
  • Constant reminders to buy more to avail free shipping.
  • Potential to increase the conversion rate and average order value for your store.

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Mconnect Fast Cart Checkout Extension for Magento 2
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