Our project is a social media web application. Users can follow/unfollow people, create posts, add comments, and so on. On top of that, there is a Job Search feature in the app so that users can easily search for available jobs by just a click of a button.


Our team members are Ariana Bibiano, Erika Caoili, and myself. As for the ideation of this app, we wanted to focus on 2 things: create a network of likely minded people pursuing software engineering and find a job that is related to the Tech Industry.

Story and Inspiration

Everyone on our team at the time was studying software engineering, and we always wanted to go out on meetup events and network. We always keep in mind that the best and easiest way to find a job in Tech is to network.

A typical software engineering student’s question I always hear is: How can I connect with people who are also the same level as mine? I’m still studying software engineering and, want to find a job soon. How could I maximize finding new people that are in tech?

We thought of making a social media website and add a job search feature for it, and use the questions as basis for creating our project and possibly use a new type of programming stack.

We decided to use the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node). The main benefit we decided to use this stack for development is: When developing the backend and frontend of our web application, we don’t want to use different programming languages. It’s hard for us to switch between one programming language to another (ie. JavaScript and Python).

The MERN stack is:

  • MongoDB: A document-based open source database.
  • Express: A web application framework for Node.js.
  • React: A JavaScript front-end library for building user interfaces.
  • Node.js: A JavaScript run-time environment that executes JavaScript code outside of a browser (such as a server).
  • And Mongoose: A simple, schema-based solution to model application data

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How I learned the MERN stack in 24 days
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