Deno's Self-deployed Cloud Function Framework

Deno Fass

Deno’s self-deployed cloud function framework

Quick start

git clone
 cd deno-faas
cp .env.example .env
deno run -A --unstable .\mod.ts
curl http://localhost:3000/test1


Copy .env.exampleto .env, in .envthe configuration server port and function to obtain the address of the file.

For example, remote=

I request /test1will look for file, if found, would pull him off then loaded.

Function writing

Function file can have two functions, one is initone callinitit will only be called once after loading, callwill be called when the request comes.

Automatic reload

Every 10 minutes, the server will automatically reload all cloud functions.

Cloud function example

See the example folder.


It is estimated that there are many bugs, welcome to try.

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Author: raw2cc

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Deno's Self-deployed Cloud Function Framework
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