A comprehensive list of 22 JavaScript shorthands that you can use to save time and write better code.

JavaScript shorthands are powerful tools that can help you write more concise, efficient, and readable code. This article covers 22 of the most useful JavaScript shorthands, including ways to declare variables, assign values, perform comparisons, and write conditional statements. It also includes shorthands for working with arrays, objects, and functions.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced JavaScript developer, these shorthands can help you save time and write better code.

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  1. Swap two variables
  2. The ternary operator
  3. Variable declaration
  4. Assign values to multiple variable
  5. Default value
  6. Template literals
  7. Arrow function
  8. Multiline string
  9. Multiple conditions
  10. String to number conversion
  11. Object property assignment
  12. Maximum and minimum number of an array
  13. Exponent power
  14. Double not
  15. String repeat
  16. For loop
  17. Get character from string
  18. Merge array
  19. If true
  20. Decimal base exponents
  21. Default parameter value
  22. Object.entries()


22 Javascript Shorthands That Will Save Your Time
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