Artificial Intelligence is expanding and IT industry is aiming to reap the maximum benefits.

Certainly, the year 2020 is not exactly what anyone expected. The COVID 19 and the ensued economic crisis has changed the landscape of the organizations working. While many enterprises had to retract their hands from major projects with heavy investments, the other big organizations had to halt their operations to balance out the budget in economic crisis. The home became an office, thus pushing organizations to promote teamwork when employees work remotely. Many organizations like Apple, Amazon and Reliance saw the past seven months as an opportunity for a lucrative business. And other organizations like Twitter and Microsoft weighed the option of making remote work, a permanent norm in the company. Undoubtedly, there has been little impact on the functioning of IT companies, with the unprecedented COVID 19 situation. But a major shift has been observed in the digital transformation amongst the industry.

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence , Blockchain and Cybersecurity, which were still in the evolving stage, over the past few years, have become the savior of IT organizations in this pandemic. AI-subsets like cloud computing and cybersecurity enhanced the working of IT organizations. Moreover, the adoption of AI in businesses and enterprises has caught momentum. Not only consumers but the vendors or providers of these services are at a huge advantage with these technologies. The technology is expanding and organizations are aiming to reap the maximum benefits.

Daryl Plummer, renowned VP Analyst says, “Technologies are being stretched to their limits. Nontraditional approaches will enable the next rebound of innovation and efficiency.”

The Gartner has predicted five new trends in IT that will shape the future in 2021.

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Top 5 Predictions that will Shape IT Industry in 2021
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