Vue.js Starter with Webpack and Buefy

Vue Webpack Buefy

Vue.js starter with full-featured Webpack and Buefy

Alternative to people who have problem when they project adding native Bulma.

See Demo


Getting Started

Create project using vue-cli:

Clone or download the project, here. Then,

    $ cd (folder-project)
    $ npm install

run project with: (reference)

    # serve with hot reload at localhost:8080
    $ npm run dev

    # build for production with minification
    $ npm run build

    # build for production and view the bundle analyzer report
    $ npm run build --report

if you want to run unit-test using: (reference) *doesn't implemented yet

    # run unit tests
    $ npm run unit

    # run e2e tests
    $ npm run e2e

    # run all tests
    $ npm test

note : If you have problem when build the project, maybe should put folder static/fonts to css. It will be static/css/static/fonts

Next development

  • Add more template
  • Setting vuex store (v1.0.0)

For more reference:

Download details:

Author: ndro

License: MIT license

#vue #vuejs 

Vue.js Starter with Webpack and Buefy
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