Laravel 8 send push notification tutorial. In this tutorial, we will show you how to send push notification to android and ios mobiles in laravel 8 app.

Sending push notifications to mobile devices are very easy things with laravel. You can use send push notification in android and ios device without using any laravel package.

This tutorial will guide you on how to send push notification in laravel with google FCM using CURL request and helper.

This tutorial uses CURL request for calling fcm api to send push notification on mobile devices, and custom helper, where you can define a send notification function. And last google FCM key.


If you want to send push notification in laravel app without using package. So you need to one thing only that is google FCM.

Laravel 8 Send Push Notification using FCM Example

Step 1: Create a Helper File

Step 2: Add Fcm Key in .env

Step 3: Send Notification

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How to Send Push Notification to Android and iOS Mobiles in Laravel 8
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