Fill Excel Sheet Data into HTML Online Forms

Fill Excel Sheet Data into HTML Online Forms

Fill data in HTML form with Excel sheet from Chrome Extension.

✨ Features

  • Fill Automatic Excel Sheet Data in the Online Form
  • Automatic Generate Excel Sheet according to form fields
  • Send Request (GET/POST/…) for Insert Entry
  • Select the fields that depend on another field.
  • Change the format of any date and fill it in the form.
  • Run javascript event any field.
  • Automatic click form submit button
  • Insert custom javascript in the form fields
  • Provide Toolbar
  • Extension Context Menu Option
  • and more…

📦 Install Extension

🎬 Video Tutorial



![](screenshot/Screenshot (210).png)

🚀 Debugging

Only for computer insect.

npm run build:dev
npm run watch
npm run watch:dev
npm run build-zip

Tips Before Build

  • Comment all log messages
  • Delete Temp Folder
<!-- Delete dist folder then run this commands -->
npm run build
npm run build-zip

Using Libraries

Keys Custom JS Script [Request Page]

var currentFillData =;

Extension Page


Custom Class

  1. CreateRequest.js
try {

    var req = new CreateRequest({
      "url": String,
      "field": {
        G_bene_gender: {
          defaultValue: ""
          field: "G_bene_gender"
          isFieldRequired: true
          is_runJScript: false
          jscript: ""
          key: "guar_gender"
      "data": {
        ben_dob: "2015-07-12"
        ben_gender: "Male"
        status: (...),
      "successMsg": String,
      "successStatusCode": Number,

    // Sent Request

} catch (e) {

🚫 Errors

Browser Support

  • Chrome (Latest)



  • Fill Form data with trigger event

  • IF Request Not Send to Server Response

  • Key not link to the submit button

  • If excel data successful fill in the form then play sound like

  • Automatic set multiple select field type

  • Radio Field Selector only name not id

  • Not Work in the Google Form


  • Add new key background_response = If Request Run is being done in Background After this, if a success message is received.

  • If manually check saved checkbox run this js in the console



  • FIXED: If select box options length is 0 then showing error.
    • src/background.js:203


  • FIXED: src/script/root.js:14~15


  • NEW: Clear field value then fill new value.
  • FIXED: Not working in the Angular Site.
  • FIXED: Custom keys page_loaded and fill_action running time.
  • FIXED: Check Success Message.


  • NEW: Change Field Background color of fill data completed in the form field.
  • FIXED: if name attribute not found in the form field then also generate excel sheet.
  • FIXED: Field name in the Extension Popup Page
  • FIXED: If form submit then redirect not working.


  • Typewriter Effect and Set Typewriter Speed while filling data in the field
  • Start/Pause Application With Alt+Q
  • FIXED: Column Settings Model Not Open


  • NEW: After filling the data of field, filling the data of another field.

  • IMPROVE: Automatic Generate Excel Sheet according to form fields

  • FIXED: Date Format in Uppercase


  • NEW: To change the Date Format of a column in Excel so that you can change the Date Format according to the Form.

  • Date Formats:

    Excel Column Date Convert to this Format Output
    05-11-2020 DD 05
    05-11-2020 MM 11
    05-11-2020 YY 20
    05-11-2020 YYYY 2020
    05-11-2020 MM-DD-YYYY 11-05-2020
    05-11-2020 MM/DD/YYYY 11/05/2020
  • All Date Format:


  • NEW: Application Settings

  • NEW: Option to turn on and off the Toolbar feature and second option to reposition it to the top or bottom of the screen.

  • NEW: Check Get Parameters in the Options Page URL "?tab=1&update=0"


  • FIXED: Background Javascript Error



  • NEW: Trigger Javascript Event in the Form Field
    • “click”,
    • “dblclick”,
    • “change”,
    • “copy”,
    • “cut”,
    • “paste”,
    • “submit”,
    • “focus”,
    • “focusin”,
    • “focusout”,
    • “mousedown”,
    • “mouseenter”,
    • “mouseleave”,
    • “mousemove”,
    • “mouseup”,
    • “mouseover”,
    • “mouseout”,
    • “input”,
    • “keydown”,
    • “keypress”,
    • “keyup”,
    • “load”,
    • “unload”
  • FIXED: If insert second form url and then delete second form url then showing error
  • NEW: Add Option in the Chrome Right Option Menu, Copy Field Address
    • Copy Field Address


  • INSERT: About Us Tab


  • BIG CHANGE: Insert Multiple Action Site
  • FIXED: Success Message not working in the different domain
  • About Video:


  • Full Page Loading in the Request Send Page.
  • Add Request Settings Tab in the Request Send Page.
  • Count Total Successfully Saved Entry Data in the Request Send Page.
  • Hide Request Error Message if run bulk entry in the Request Send Page.
  • Show and Hide Request Error Response Data in the Request Send Page.
  • Show request error if mouseover request status table row in the Request Send Page.


  • Add new key page_loaded = After the page is fully loaded, you can give your Custom Script.

  • Add new key fill_action = If you do not want Automatic Form Feed or your form opens after any request, then you can place Javascript event in any HTML Element in the page.

    • अगर आप Automatic Form Feed नहीं करवाना चाहते या फिर आपका Form किसी Request के बाद Open होता है तो आप Page में किसी भी HTML Element में Javascript event लगा सकते है तो जैसे वह Event Call होगा Form Feed हो जायेगा।
    • Select HTML Element and Run Javascript Event on selected html element
    • Event Types: “click”, “dblclick”, “change”, “copy”, “cut”, “paste”, “submit”, “focus”, “focusin”, “focusout”, “mousedown”, “mouseenter”, “mouseleave”, “mousemove”, “mouseup”, “mouseover”, “mouseout”, “input”, “keydown”, “keypress”, “keyup”, “load”, “unload”, “force”
    // With this, when you click on this HTML Element, only your Form Feed will start.
    document.querySelector("#htmlElm").addEventListener("click", FillAPP.checkNextEntry);
  • Send all the requests at once in the Request Send Page.

  • Stop/Reset Request Status in the Request Send Page.

  • Add New Library npm install --save xlsx

  • Export Request Excel Data in the Excel Sheet.


  • FOR this site


  • Fixed Success URL not Match.
  • Add new key form_filled = After the form is successful feeded, you can give what script you want to run.


  • Fix Spelling Mistake
  • Fix copy element selector
  • Using new library


  • Fix Bug: auto save entry


  • After the form is successful submit, you can give what script you want to run in this custom key form_submit.
  • Run those keys which are not in the excel sheet
  • Fix Spelling Mistake
  • Add Action URL Type {fullPath, pathName}
  • Update Auto Catch Element Identity
  • Add Demo Site and Excel Sheet Data

V.0.0.1 (Beta)

  • Form Data Request Sent on Server
  • Fill Automatic HTML Form
  • Use Custom JS Script in HTML Field’s

Reporting Issues radioactive

If you have a problem with this plugin or found any bug, please open an issue on GitHub.

📝 Copyright and License copyright

Code copyright 2020 ctechhindi. Code released under the MIT license.

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Fill Excel Sheet Data into HTML Online Forms
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