In this blog, we have mentioned about How to start with test cases in React using Jest.

How to start with test cases in React using Jest?

What exactly is React JS?

It is an open-source JavaScript library created by Facebook and is used for managing the view layer for mobile and web applications. It is possible to present it on the server-side as well as the client-side. React JS helps simplify the process of mobile application development since the code that has been written at the time of website development can be used once again for creating a web app. React JS is ideal for continuing large amounts of information.

What is Jest?

This particular framework has been ranked as the most popular JavaScript testing framework by the stateofjs survey. Facebook has created jest, and the main emphasis with this framework happens to be on simplicity. It offers decent cross-browser support and is used on a wide scale with Selenium for automated testing.

An integrated framework is provided by Jest, which does not need any experience when it comes to the configuration. This tool is all set to use, and it would be possible to set it up instantaneously by running the command-

npm install –save-dev jest

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How to Start with Test Cases in React using Jest?
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