Laravel is a free, open-source PHP based backend framework used for the development of web applications. Talking about the popularity of the Laravel Framework on the  Similartech Website, Around 130, 266 Websites are developed using the Laravel Framework.

Laravel App

Laravel Specifications

  • Developed by: Taylor Otwell
  • Written in: PHP
  • Officially released in June 2011

Laravel web framework is known for its expressive and elegant syntaxes. Laravel framework is considered as the best framework as it provides features like database migrations, Eloquent ORM, routing, validation, etc.

Features of Laravel Framework

Laravel – A PHP framework has an immense number of features that are beneficial for web application development. Let’s have a look at the Laravel features why should you choose the Laravel framework for the web applications development.

  • Laravel framework’s built-in lightweight templates can be used to create several types of layouts using the content seeding.
  • Laravel offers the MVC(model-view-controller) architecture to ensure the separation between the business layer and presentation layer.
  • The feature of Eloquent ORM (Object Relational Mapping) facilitates the developers to write the database queries using PHP queries instead of the SQL code.
  • Laravel framework provides an impressive level of security as it uses the prepared SQL statements that prevent the SQL injection attacks.
  • Laravel framework helps to automate the tedious repetitive programming tasks due to the presence of the built-in command-line tools named as Artisans.
  • Laravel allows the developers to perform multiple unit tests that avoid unexpected web applications breakage.
  • Laravel framework’s amazing database migration system helps to expand the web application database without re-creating whenever there is any change in the code.
  • Laravel framework is the collection of object-oriented and modular libraries used to create fantastic web applications.

Thus, Laravel framework has a high level of abstraction that helps the developers from the complex inner workings. Due to the presence of the out of the box features, it saves the developer’s time and efforts as well. More interestingly, Laravel is one of the best frameworks that have development environments like Homestead and Valet.

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