challenges that developers encounter to keep up with the trend of IOS App Development

It is known that apple phones and IOS software have been on the rise when it comes to the popularity from the day they have found and the apps that are developed for the app store also plays a major role in making the Apple phones and ipads more reliable Apple is continuously being updating the IOS versions to keep up with the trend of other competitors. When ever there is a update in the IOS versions the developers must be aware of those updates and should make sure that the apps they develop are in sink with the versions of the app or if the apps are already live on the app store then the developers should frequently update their apps. During the process the IOS app developers do face many challenges to keep up with the IOS versions and the trend We are listing some of the challenges that the Ios app developers should take care of while developing the IOS app

User experience is the one that has to be taken care of
There are many apps that are designed keeping the UX in mind and these make are the main part that keeps the user engaged with in the app and the users are very quick to shift between the apps when they find something interesting or better when compared to the app that they are using now and also the trends with the designs are also changing very quickly to keep up with the trend the IOS app developers or designer should make sure that they are always creating the apps with the user experience that are unique when compared to others

Apps should be compatible
The apps should be compatible with the versions of IOS the developers should make sure weather the app they are developing is in support of the current IOS version,if you are uploading the app that is compatible with the current version of IOS then you are sure to attract more users and developers should also take care the apps that they develop should be compatible with the additional gadgets like ipads and ipods this where some of the developers face the challenge to keep up with the version and also develop the apps that are compatible with the devices other than the iphones

Getting the approval of the apps from the app store
The app store has a very strict set of guidelines for the approval of the apps that are developed and these rules are continuously updated to make sure that the apps that are uploaded in the app store are always secure and reliable Usually developers do develop apps and when it comes to the stage of approval from the app store utmost care has to be taken and the development team has to be sure about the guidelines that are required for the approval of the apps since these rules keeps changing keeping up with the updated rules is always a challenge for the developers

The storage and the memory are less
Some of the apps that we are developed are high on memory,they do consume a lot of memory This will have the direct impact on the users where when the user sees the app size before downloading it and if the app size is too large then the users will be backed off from downloading the app To overcome this the developers should always make sure that the apps are always low on memory

Making sure the apps are secure
What ever the apps are developed and what ever the platforms the apps are developed the factor that has to be never missed out is security and for the apps that deals with the critical data the security of those data should be the first concern If the apps security is not taken care of the hackers can easily get into the app and to avoid this app that has been developed must have the proper data encryption

Making sure that the apps that are developed are unique
You are developing the app and you come to know that there is a app with the same idea in the app store and this kind of scenario are always when the apps have become famous To avoid this do make sure that the concepts are unique and also make sure you do the proper research of the app ideas If you find the one which is similar to the app that you are developing make sure you impart new techniques and the technologies to make the app unique

**Internet speed are also the factor for some of the apps **
Yes for some of the apps the internet speed might not be a bigger concern but there are also other apps such as live streaming the video where the internet speed is a crucial factor,consider you are watching the a live video and there is a buffering every second then for the same reason the users can move out of the app .We can take this as a example and what we can do to avoid this is to make sure you adjust the quality of the video and then upload so that the size of the app are reduced

It is very important to keep up with the changing trend and also the versions of the platform There are chances that developers might encounter some of the specific challenges when they try to keep up with the trend and we brillmindz one of the best mobile app development companies in dubai have the developers who are capable enough to handle these challenges at any point of time

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challenges that developers encounter to keep up with the trend of IOS App Development
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