Cricket is one of the most popular sports on this planet and it is like religion in India. Cricket is increasingly popular among the statistical science community, but the unpredictable and inconsistent natures of this game make it challenging to apply in common probability models. Especially the twenty20 format has maximum uncertainty, where a single over can completely change the momentum of the game. With millions of people following the Indian Premier League, therefore developing a model for predicting the outcome of its matches beforehand is a real-world problem.

Problem Statement
In this project, we are trying to Predicting Winner of IPL Twenty-20 Cricket Match while the match is in progress –
The objective of this research to propose a dynamic model to predict the winner of an IPL Twenty-20 Cricket Match while the match is in progress. An early prediction is always helpful for team management to work on their plans quickly and improve team performance and enhance the chances of winning the game. We will be applying different machine learning algorithms and statistical approaches to find out the best possible outcome.

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IPL Cricket Match Outcome Prediction Using AI Techniques
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